Why should you join WSSRA?

The answer:
It is your pension that this being protected by professional contacts made by WSSRA personnel along with our paid lobbyists and a well-informed group of volunteers.

If not you, then who?  Your membership is a bargain at $7 per month.
A large membership equals power and clout.

For more information contact Norma Haney, Unit 34, Membership Chair





Yakima County SRA Membership Procedure


How to become a member:

ADD (Automatic Dues Deduction) is the simplest, most convenient way of maintaining your membership. Indicate YCSRA #34 and circle your retirement plan. The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems will deduct $7 a month from your pension ($5 for the state dues plus $2 for your local Unit).

If you are still employed, your school district will facilitate your membership by providing you with automatic payroll deduction of $7 per month.

Membership Form CLICK HERE
Dues for current year July 1- June 30


Become A Member Today...


If you would prefer to pay your dues in cash, please enclose a check made out to WSSRA in the amount of $84 (for State and Local unit membership) or $60 (for State only membership).

Mail the form to: Carolyn Wilson, 3261 Lateral B Rd, Wapato, WA 98951


Members = Dues = Money = Power = Change



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